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xscheme documentation

David MacKenzie mailed me the canonic xscheme documentation, I've
bundled it up with xscheme.tar.Z on labrea.


        If you have any problems with XScheme, feel free to contact me
        for help or advice.  Please remember that since XScheme is
        available in source form in a high level language, many users
        have been making versions available on a variety of machines.
        If you call to report a problem with a specific version, I may
        not be able to help you if that version runs on a machine to
        which I don't have access.  Please have the version number of
        the version that you are running readily accessible before
        calling me.

        If you find a bug in XScheme, first try to fix the bug yourself
        using the source code provided.  If you are successful in fixing
        the bug, send the bug report along with the fix to me.  If you
        don't have access to a C compiler or are unable to fix a bug,
        please send the bug report to me and I'll try to fix it.

        Any suggestions for improvements will be welcomed.  Feel free to
        extend the language in whatever way suits your needs.  However,
        FIRST!!  I would like to be the clearing house for new features
        added to XScheme.  If you want to add features for your own
        personal use, go ahead.  But, if you want to distribute your
        enhanced version, contact me first.

I'm also posting Dave Betz's email address here under the assumption
that he really means it when he says: "...please send the bug report
to me and I'll try to fix it".  It's: zinn!mipsmag!dbetz@decvax.dec.com
(If that's a faux pas then my hand is available for slapping).