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Oaklisp release problem

Some source files were inadvertently omitted from the Oaklisp
distribution tar file.  These problems should be corrected as of noon on
Monday Jan 2.  I apologize to those who were inconvenienced by this

If you FTPed the distribution already and just want some particular
files, you should be able to find them in oak/src/release/mac/, which is
publically accessible.

Below I repeat the original announcement, for your FTP convenience.  Oh,
and watch the symbolic links.  "CD ~" will get you back to the ftp guest
home directory.


A new release of Oaklisp is available.  There are some tiny bug fixes,
the emulator should compile properly on machines with 16 bit int C
compilers, and bignums, complexes and rationals are fully supported.  No
flonums, but you can fake them with rationals.  The bignums are
surprisingly fast, about a factor of 6 slower than T 3.1 at naive
factorial of 100.  An O((log n)^1.59) algorithm is used for multiplying
pairs of really large integers.  Not O(log n) Schonhage-Strassen, but at
least it's not O((log n)^2).

The distribution can be FTPed from host DOGHEN.BOLTZ.CS.CMU.EDU (aka, user "anonymous", file "oak/release.tar.Z".  Be sure to
use binary mode.

Bug fixes and reports are appreciated, particularly with regard to
portability to odd architectures.  A 36 or 48 bit word port would be
nice.  Requests for tapes from people without FTP will be denied.
Oaklisp is unsupported, but Kevin and I will consult.