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Re: Scheme on a PC

In article <572@mipsmag.UUCP> dbetz@mipsmag.UUCP (David Betz) writes:

>If you're looking for a simple implementation of Scheme for the IBM-PC
>(or the Mac or the Atari-ST or the Amiga ...), you could try XScheme.
>It is an implementation of Scheme written in C.  It consists of a bytecode
>compiler and a virtual machine to execute the bytecodes.

>   David Betz

Ok, ill bite.  Where can i find XScheme?  Preferably by anonymous ftp?
Any graphics support?  Can i end another sentence in a question mark?

I would like to find a R3RS compliant scheme that is free (or near to it)
that i can provide for student use in a course ill be teaching.  Scheme
will not be required, but id like to provide an alternative to Fortran

jeff putnam        -- "Sometimes one must attempt the impossible if only to
jefu@pawl.rpi.edu  --  show it is merely inadvisable."