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Scheme's emacs interface vs. SunOS 4.0

[Please let me remind everyone that the correct place to send bug
reports for MIT C Scheme is "bug-cscheme@zurich.ai.mit.edu", NOT this
mailing list.  If you are getting this via usenet news, there is now a
C Scheme newsgroup (I believe it's called "net.lang.scheme.c") which
should be used for topics specific to the MIT implementation.]

   Date: 13 Dec 88 19:13:47 GMT
   From: dartvax!griggs.dartmouth.edu!hugo@bu-cs.bu.edu

   I just picked up C scheme and got it running, and have been fooling
   with the Emacs interface.  I'm running on a Sun/3 with SunOS4.0 and it
   all seems to work except that the scheme process ignores all the
   interrupt characters that I send it.  Does anyone have this working?

This has been fixed, but not yet distributed (we've been running full
bore getting the compiler up to scratch).  Anyone who would like the
changes should send mail to "bug-cscheme@zurich.ai.mit.edu" requesting
to get them.  Along with the request, please send the release number
of your copy of Scheme, as the specifics of the changes depend on it;
e.g. the number "7.1.1" in the following header:

    Scheme saved on Tuesday December 13, 1988 at 7:05:56 PM
      Release 7.1.1
      Microcode 10.64
      Runtime 14.30
      SF 4.7

I'd prefer to distribute by anonymous ftp, but the changes can be
mailed if needed.