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Re: IEEE CS membership cost (correction)

In article <9003060844.aa02089@mintaka.lcs.mit.edu>, chaynes@IUVAX (Chris Haynes) writes:
>In a previous note on balloting for the draft IEEE Scheme standard, I
>stated that ACM members could join the IEEE Computer Society for $13.
>I was misinformed.  The cost for 6 months of Computer Society
>membership is $23.50.  They don't take 12 month membership
>applications at this time of year, and ACM members only get a break if
>they join the IEEE proper, which is considerably more expensive.
>Once more, you should be an IEEE or Computer Society member if you
>wish to ballot on the Scheme standard.

I have been an ACM member for years.  Recently, when I joined the IEEE Computer
Society, I got a $5.00 break because I was a member of the ACM.  I didn't have
to join the IEEE itself.

Hey, $5.00 is $5.00!

Rich Alderson