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problems/risks due to programming language, stories requested

    Date: 2 Mar 90 19:19:01 GMT
    From: David F. Carlson
    ... What break does is *very* well defined

Of course there is more to designing a good programming language than
making sure that it is "well defined".

    and is no more prone to misinterpretation that any other non-linear
    control flow statement in any other PL....

I beg to differ.  You would be much less likely to make the kind of error
that started this discussion if you could give -names- to switch, while, do
and for statements, and if break and continue allowed you to name the
particular statement that was to be broken or continued.

Common Lisp has the RETURN-FROM special form because we learned this lesson
 from the original MacLisp RETURN special form.