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Re: Scheme->C compiler available via FTP

In article <2886@bacchus.dec.com> bartlett@decwrl.dec.com (Joel Bartlett) writes:
>The Scheme-to-C compiler, Scheme->C, done at Digital Equipment
>Corporation's Western Research Laboratory is now available for public
>ftp. [...}
>There is a small (< 100 lines) amount of assembly code.  The system
>is known to run on VAX's and DECstation 3100's running Ultrix.  Other
>ports should be straightforward.

My installation on the Vax went very smoothly. This is a nice system.
However, I really need it for the SPARC. The assembly portion doesn't
look too bad, but the heap manager might be hairy due to the new and
exciting alignment restrictions of the SPARC. Has anyone done this 
port or planning to?

Keith Morgan  
Domain: kmorgan@atl.ge.com 
Path: !mcnc!ge-rtp!atl.ge.com!kmorgan