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free Scheme interpreter

Fools' lisp is a Scheme interpreter that follows all the RRRRS
essentials and is reasonably small.  It is written in C and Scheme.
The design allows easy inclusion of new datatypes and primitives.

It is available from scam.berkeley.edu ( via anonymous
ftp in src/local/fools.tar.Z (a compressed tar file, so remember to
turn on binary mode).

The interpreter runs on the following systems (it will probably run
on any 4.3BSD based UNIX with little trouble):

DECstation 3100 Ultrix 3.1
Sun3 and Sun4 SunOS 4.0.3
VAX Ultrix 3.1 and 4.3BSD
Sequent Symmetry DYNIX(R) V3.0.12
Apollo DN3500 DomainOS Release 10.1 (bsd4.3)

Let me know if you pick up a copy, and feel free to send me any


Jonathan Lee (jonathan@scam.berkeley.edu)