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MIT-Scheme documentaion question

I just pulled MIT-Scheme Release 7 off of gatekeeper and was
disappointed to discover that the accompanied manual has several large
gaps, namely large(?) chunks of sections 8 (OS Features), 9 (Syntax
Transducers), 10 (User Interface) and all of section 11 (Debugging

My question is basicly "What's Up?", to which I see a number of
possible answers:

1)  "Its public domain software and you shuld be grateful for any
manual at all."  (and I am, don't get me wrong)

2)  "You obvious don't know TeX from a hole in the Sendmail, try
printing it the _right_ way." (hints?)

3)  "These sections weren't written a first but are now available from


4)  "These sections aren't written yet, but will be Real Soon Now"

Call now! [$2.00 plus toll if any]

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