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XScheme 0.20 for the Amiga available on UUNET

This morning (2/6) I put a Zoo file containing the sources, two
binaries, and documentation for David Betz's XScheme 0.20 (yes, not
even 1.0 yet) with my Amiga/Manx modifications onto UUNET.UU.NET
( for anonymous ftp.  The file was


The two binaries included, xscheme and xscheme.881, were compiled
for using the IEEE math libraries and 68881/2 inline code, respectfully. 

Two things to remember:
	1) Use binary mode for ftp'ing.
	2) I simply ftp'ed this onto UUNET's disks without any
	   specific permission to do so.  As such, my file may
	   disappear without warning.  If this happens I'll find
	   another way to keep this ftp'able.

Rusty Haddock		o  {uunet,att,rutgers}!mimsy.umd.edu!fe2o3!rusty
Laurel, Maryland	o  "IBM sucks silicon!" -- PC Banana Jr, "Bloom County"