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Scheme for the Amiga

muenx@heike.informatik.uni-dortmund.de (Holger Muenx) writes:
   >   Hi!


   >   So my question: Is there any smaller version of MIT-Scheme. If yes: where
   >   can I get it? Or do you know anyone who tried to port Scheme to an Amiga?

Well, there's XScheme but it has nothing to do with MIT-Scheme. 
XScheme is in C and was written by the same person (David Betz) that
wrote XLisp.  The XScheme that I've gotten to compile on the Amiga
is version 0.20 and runs fairly well with my '020.  I downloaded the
sources from the MIPS Magazine's BBS*.  The source is about 700K
(uncompressed) and the Amiga executable is about 90K.  The original
source was intended for the Lattice C compiler but I have added some
small changes so that it would compile with Manx 3.6 (sorry, no 5.0
yet).  I could make everything ftp-able if you (or anyone else) want.


* David Betz _may_ be reached at the MIPS Magazine BBS
  +1 (603) 882-1599, 2400BAUD, 8-N-1
  This BBS also carries the latest versions of XLisp and XScheme.
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