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Re: Scheme book by Springer and Friedman

In article <QZVyBD600VsAInCkIW@andrew.cmu.edu>, mss+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU (Mark Sherman) writes:
> Is anyone familar with the book "Scheme and the Art of Programming" by
> Springer & Friedman (MIT Press)? I'm looking for something for bright
> high school students. (Please respond to me, I don't normally read this
> newgroup, thanks.)
> 		-Mark

When asking such a question, is it appropriate for the inquirer to also say
that he/she will post responses to the net?  As a faithful comp.lang.scheme
reader, who is interested in the topic, and took the time to read the
message, I would like to profit from any responses generated by this

Rich Pattis