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Personal to Blake McNeill (email seems flakey)

     I apologize to the rest of the net for doing this, but my email
connection to Blake seems kind of flakey.

     Blake, I sent you an email letter several days ago to make sure
that the path from me to you was OK.  I have not received a reply yet,
which seems kind of strange (although it is possible that a mailer in
between us is playing around with the letter for awhile).  Please send
me email indicating whether or not you got my reply.  I do not want to
send out large files without a reliable path.  Also, if you have ftp
capabilities, we might me able to work something out with ftp over the
network (much faster).

					.oO Chris Oo.
Christopher Lishka                 ...!{rutgers|ucbvax|...}!uwvax!uwslh!lishka
Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene                   lishka%uwslh.uucp@cs.wisc.edu
Data Processing Section  (608)262-4485                       lishka@uwslh.uucp

"What a waste it is to lose one's mind -- or not to have a mind at all.
How true that is." -- V.P. Dan Quayle, garbling the United Negro College
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