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Revised SchemeTeX Available

SchemeTeX---Simple support for literate programming in Lisp.

A new version of SchemeTeX is available.  SchemeTeX provides simple
support for literate programming in any dialect of Lisp.  Originally
created for use with Scheme, it defines a new source file format which
may be used to produce LaTeX input or Lisp code.

The distribution contains a Unix filter that translates SchemeTeX into
LaTeX which is independent of the Lisp dialect used.  All SchemeTeX
comment lines can begin with ";", so that any Lisp reader can read the

SchemeTeX source lines are divided into text and code.  Lines of code
start with a line beginning with ``('', and continue until the line
containing the matching ``)''.  The remaining lines are text lines,
and they are treated as comments.

The new version of SchemeTeX contains three programs written in R4R
Scheme.  WEAVE translates SchemeTeX to LaTeX.  TANGLE translates
SchemeTeX to Scheme.  READ-ST is a SchemeTeX reader.  You can use it
to load SchemeTeX source directly.  These programs replace the
previous ones written in T.

You can obtain the distribution by sending mail to ramsdell@mitre.org.
SchemeTeX is no longer available via anonymous FTP.