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Re: Looking for "literate programming" tools for Scheme/LISP

On 16 Oct 89 15:32:32 GMT,plogan@mentor.com (Patrick Logan) said:
Patrick> (1) Does someone have WEB or equivalent set up for Scheme or another LISP?
Patrick> (2) Do you know of any references to "literate programming" applied to
Patrick> Scheme/LISP?

I asked the same thing a while back, and this is the answer I got.
I've used SchemeTex quite a bit and I'm quite satisfied with it. If
you are interested, I've hacked it a bit to be used with GNU Texinfo,
and also cooked up some Emacs lisp support for dealing with SchemeTex
files. It is not at all ready to be released, but if you want to take
look at it, I'll be happy to share.

dorab> From: dorab@CS.UCLA.EDU (Dorab Patel)
dorab> i dont know if this helps, but  ....
dorab> From: John D. Ramsdell <ramsdell%linus@mitre-bedford.ARPA>
dorab> Date: Mon, 18 Apr 88 09:22:39 EDT
dorab> Message-Id: <8804181322.AA11583@darwin.sun.uucp>
dorab> To: scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu, texhax@score.stanford.edu
dorab> Subject: SchemeTeX---Simple support for literate programming in Lisp.
dorab> SchemeTeX provides simple support for literate programming in any
dorab> dialect of Lisp on Unix.  Originally created for use with Scheme, it
dorab> defines a new source file format which may be used to produce LaTeX
dorab> code or Lisp code.  Roughly speaking, LaTeX formats Lisp code in a
dorab> verbatum-like environment, and it formats Lisp comments in an ordinary
dorab> environment.

dorab> SchemeTeX is available via anonymous FTP from linus ( in
dorab> the shar file named "pub/schemeTeX.sh".  Included is an operating
dorab> system independent version for the T dialect of Lisp.

dorab> John
Pertti Kellom\"aki (TeX format)  #       These opinions are mine, 
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