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FTP site for C Scheme?

Hello folks,

I recently posted a query concerning C Scheme, and I want to thank those
who responded.  Being on BITNET, I had asked for info on sources _other_
than Internet FTP sites.  It now appears that I may have FTP access to
Internet sites via a SERVer at PUCC, and so FTP source site addresses
for C Scheme would now be much appreciated.  This is a good opportunity for
me to test this relatively new service.  Once again, thanks for all your
help!  - Gregg

Gregg TeHennepe                        | Academic Computing and User Services
Minicomputer Specialist                | Box 5482
BITNET:  gateh@conncoll                | Connecticut College
Phone:   (203) 447-7681                | New London, CT   06320