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Info needed on C-Scheme

Howdy folks,

One of our users in interested in a version of Scheme, C-Scheme.  He is
interested in any available information about C-Scheme, especially concerning
availability for Unix (Ultrix) systems.  He has heard that there is a public
domain version available.

Any help pointing me towards the source and/or documentation/information
would be much appreciated.  I'm not a member of this list, so please reply
directly to me.  Also note that I have *extremely* limited access (via
another school) to FTP sites, so alternate sources would be preferred.
This would be for use on a DEC MicroVAX 3900 running Ultrix-32 v3.1.

Thanks in advance!   - Gregg

Gregg TeHennepe                        | Academic Computing and User Services
Minicomputer Specialist                | Box 5482
BITNET:  gateh@conncoll                | Connecticut College
Phone:   (203) 447-7681                | New London, CT   06320