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Xscheme is a-commin'!

I have had numerous requests for a copy of Xscheme 0.17.  I am
therefore posting the entire thing (executable and source) on
this wall rather than comp.binaries.ibm.pc because 1) the majority
of people who want it read comp.lang.scheme, and 2) files 
submitted to comp.binaries can take weeks to be posted.

I am not in contact with Dave Betz and I have no idea when the next
version of Xscheme will be out.  I only started in scheme several
weeks ago, so contact him via BITNET if you need to.

The files xscheme.arc and xschsrc.arc are uuencoded and seperated
into three postings each.

Have fun and keep your nose clean,


"I'm an anthropologist, not a computer systems architect, damit!"

jdm@hodge.cts.com [uunet zardoz crash]!hodge!jdm

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