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PC Scheme

Hello.  I a budding AI programmer/researcher (Natural Language/Cognition).
I am currently using Xlisp for my work.  I have used version 1.6 with success.
I recently got version 2.0 (which is much better) but it doesn't leave me
enough free memory to develope reasonable sized programs.  I am using an IBM
PC clone with 640K.  I am considering buying a LISP system.  PC Scheme is in
my price range (I'm a student), and I am wondering if anyone has any advice
in this matter.  I am not familiar with Scheme.  How close to Common LISP is
it?  Whould there be much problem porting from PC Scheme to Common LISP?
How does it work on a 640K PC (I am planning to get an EMS memory card in the
future).  The emacs-like editor sounds nice, what is the developement
environment like?  Any advice and opinions would be appriciated.  Also, is
there any reasonable alternatives in the same price range?

Thanks in advance.