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SCOOPS and obsolete forms

Thanks to folks here in netland, I recently got a copy of SCOOPS
(for those still wondering where it can be found, try ftp to
linc.cis.upenn.edu (  sherin@linc.cis.upenn.edu
seems to be the responsible party, though don't take this as *my*
endorsement to hound him with mail.

In any case, I found two problems in bringing scoops up under

  Release 6.1.2
  Microcode 10.2
  Runtime 13.91
  SF 3.13

First, the replacements of "syntax-table-define ..." with "add-syntax!"
et. al were unnecessary - I didn't touch my existing runtime band.
Second, SCOOPS made use of the REC special form.  This was apparently
removed from the language as of R3RS.  In any case, I got runtime
errors (Unbound variable NAME).  It is always used in the form:

	((rec name (lambda ...)) args ...)

where name needs to recursively call itself.  I'm no SCHEME wizard,
but it seemed the proper equivalent was:

	(let ((name (lambda ...))) (name args ...))

which appears to run just fine.

Can anybody enlighten me on the subject of REC and its demise?

Stephen Pope
Santa Fe Institute