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NeWS interface for CL and Scheme

In article <1086@cantuar.UUCP> greg@cantuar.UUCP (G. Ewing) writes:

   Bob Sutterfield (bob@allosaur.cis.ohio-state.edu) writes:
   >What interpretive language would you like to use to interact with your


This may not be what you have in mind, but we have written a program
called lps that takes as input a cps source file and produces Scheme
or CL interface procedures that allow NeWS procedures to be called
 from Scheme or CL in the same way as from C.  

Our lps currently supports Allegro CL and pseudoscheme (by Jonathan
Rees) that runs on top of it.  Adding support for other CLs or Schemes
that have a foreign function interface should be quite

If there is enough interest we might make the package available for
anonymous ftp although no documentation has been produced yet.

--	Juha Heinanen, Tampere Univ. of Technology, Finland
	jh@tut.fi (Internet), tut!jh (UUCP), jh@tut (Bitnet)