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Re: CMU Common Lisp FTP tricks & source distribution


I've read your posting about CMU Common Lisp, which looks extremely
interesting, except that I don't have (right now, anyway) a platform
to run it on...  Are there any plans to port it, sometime in the
future, to DECstations running Ultrix?  I currently run Ultrix 4.2 on
my DS5000/125, but if CMUCL will only run on a DS with Mach and OSF/1,
I'd say that's reason enough for me to take the plunge and install
that now -- I've been playing with the idea anyway...  :-)

Thanks for your time!

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo, NHH, Bergen, Norway.  Telephone: +47-5-959205
Postmaster for domain nhh.no.  Internet mail:  tih@barsoom.nhh.no