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Re: CMU Common Lisp 15d for SunOS/SPARC

It is in the "non-trivial but doable" category, though probably not just
anyone can do it.  We currently support 3 processors.  Adding support for a
processor takes about 2-4 wizard-months.  If you only have a lisp wizard or
a compiler wizard (and not a Lisp compiler wizard), then figure more rather
than less.

Unfortunately, the internal documentation is not yet in good shape.  But we
would be happy to answer extensive email or phone queries if you have
someone good to throw at it for a few months.

The back-end is 7k lines of code.  On the plus side, much is trivially
derived from the other ports (probably the RT), since it is a 16 register 2
address machine.  We also have some support for the mc68881 FPU.  On the
minus side, I believe that the 68k has an annoying data/address register
split which might create some problems.