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CLIM 2.0

I have heard from Richard Billington that you are
concerned about CLIM, and interested in making CLIM
available on CMU Common Lisp.  Here is an update on
the status of CLIM 2.0.

There is a draft specification with some disputed sections.
Currently, a working committee composed of Paul Weineke of
Lucid, Bill York of ILA and Scott McKay of Symbolics is
attempting to resolve as many of these disputes as possible
in a short time.  Afterwards a wider (but still small) group
of vendors will resolve the remaining disputes, and the
resulting draft will be released for public review.

Symbolics has CLIM 2.0 code sharing agreements with Franz,
Lucid, ILA and has submitted such an agreement to Harlequin.
These code sharing agreements are very simple, giving each
recipient the right to do anything with the shared CLIM code.
We would be happy to execute a code sharing agreement with
your group at CMU.  There is no charge, and no obligation,
other than sharing any work your group may do on CLIM 2.0.

If you are interested in executing a code sharing agreement,
or otherwise getting CLIM 2.0, please give me a call or send
   Bob Laddaga
   617 221 1325