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Bug report/Suggestions

  CMU Common Lisp 15a, running on delial
  Hemlock 3.5 (15a), Python 1.0(15a), target SPARCstation/Sun 4
where delial is a SPARCstation 2 running SunOS 4.1.1 rev B

First let me thank you for your efforts - this is (going to be) a Very
Nice Common Lisp!

I'm sorry I haven't had time to pick up cmucl 15b yet, but I hope
you'll find this useful anyway.

-- Bjorn Victor			Bjorn.Victor@DoCS.UU.SE
Dept. of Computer Systems	tel: +46 18183169
Uppsala University, Sweden	fax: +46 18550225; tlx: 812 6154 7102 SICS

==== Bug
The following definition (due to michaelg@Neon.Stanford.EDU) gets
segv_handler: No mapping fault: 0x00e80014
segv_handler: Recursive no mapping fault (stack overflow?)
and terminates, when trying to eval (slightly-faster-factorial 15)

(defun slightly-faster-factorial (n)
  (let ((branching-factor (max 1 (floor (log most-positive-fixnum 2)
					(max 1 (log n 2)))))) ;[Vic 13-Nov-91] Patch: max 1
     ((mult (low-bound upper-bound spread)
        (if (> spread branching-factor)
	    (let* ((new-spread (floor spread 2))
		   (midpoint (+ low-bound new-spread)))
	      (* (mult low-bound midpoint new-spread)
		 (mult (1+ midpoint) (- spread new-spread) upper-bound)))
	  (do* ((subterm low-bound)
		(low-bound (1+ low-bound) (1+ low-bound)))
	       ((> low-bound upper-bound) subterm)
	    (setf subterm (* subterm low-bound))))))
     (mult 1 n (- n 1)))))

==== Bug
 returns T on an interpreted function such as #<Interpreted Function FOO {B38B431}>

==== Bug
(TYPEP X '(EQL object)) doesn't work.  See page 51 in CLtL ed 2.

==== Bug
evalhook, applyhook, *evalhook* and *applyhook* aren't implemented.
(I guess you knew already...)

==== Suggestion
There should be a way to be warned about redefining things.

==== Suggestion
	:PRINT-MERIDIAN NIL doesn't print in 24h-format, just skips am/pm.
	should be able to define new formats
	should be able to set default format
	should perhaps print unknown timezone in "rfc822" format (+0100 for -1 etc)

==== Suggestion
It would be nice if the documentation were available in DVI, LaTeX,
Text or any format other than PostScript.