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Re: PD status v.s. DARPA?

Thanks for the info.  So far, we've felt no such pressure.  I wonder if
that will change.  We'll let you know if it does.

We do have the extra argument about helping to popularize the Common Lisp
standard internationally.  That battle may not QUITE be over yet.  And we
don't deal with Scherlis directly, since he has ties to CMU.  The strongest
argument for the status quo is probably that the horse is already out of
the barn.

I wonder if there's anything extra going on in your case.  Perhaps your
theorem prover can be used to aim Scuds or something...


P.S. I just got the obligatory note from RMS, chastising me for making this
code public-domain rather than copyleft.  Now we can't sue companies that
pick our code up and incorporate it into evil, proprietary commercial
products.  I guess we'll just have to live with that...