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[confidential to this distribution]


Rob MacLachlan suggested that I discuss with you the idea of getting
CLIM running on CMU CL.  We at ILA are currently of the opinion that it
would be a good thing to have a public domain version of CLIM.  The
logical thing, we think, is to bring it up on your Lisp, since it is
both high quality and non-commercial (which can't, for example, be said
of KCL).

Our first assessment of the your current release for SunOS (ftp'ed
earlier this week) is that the port will be fairly hard, since the PCL
is quite old, and our previous experiences with even newer versions of
PCL were unhappy.  So, this means it's probably too much work for us to
underwrite for the common good.  On the other hand, if your project is
interested in including CLIM, we would be happy to make the sources
available and provide some modest amounts of support to the person(s)
doing the work at your end.  We'd also be interested in having you folks
participate in the final spec push.

Let me know what you think.

Mark Son-Bell
phone: 617/576-1151
e-mail: mas-b@ila.com