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Re: Hey dude...

That was  the correct address, I'm glad to hear from you agin.
I just talked to Jamie Zawinski yesterday and asked about you, he said
that your whiz-bang compiler was done and that Chiles was talking about taking
a week to port it to the Sun....  I was impressed.  Is this true?  Why don't 
you let me in on the full scoop.  

How's the non-work life going?  Having a good time with life and all?

I hope you are, I've been doing ok, but I still miss everybody from Pgh. a 
great deal.  

You better reply or I'm going to think you're to busy trying to impress
people to write back, and you don't want that to happen.

Take care, really please reply,

Ivan ( Crash and Burn like a Commodore-64 running "Goldilocks-lisp" )