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MACH exceptions


So I've been playing around with MACH exceptions, and I can't seem to get
them to work for generic signals (e.g. SIGINT).  If my test program tries
to write a bogus address, I get the exception, but if I hit ^C, it just
dies.  (Code in /../ardath/usr/wlott/foo/exctest.c)

Is there anyway to get this to work?  (Before you say ``use MACH 3.0,''
remember the problems we caused when we asked people to use the latest
kernel... :-)

If there isn't any way to make this work, is there any way I can restrict
which thread gets hit with a signal?  Would something like this work:

    /* setup handlers for every signal */

static void handle_signals()
    while (1) {

I would really like to be able to totally ignore unix signals when dealing
with threads, but if I can't control which thread gets the signal, it's
going to be a royal pain in the posterior.