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Re: sigplan info


I just got this from Stoltzfus.  Note that it is in the context of "a
couple of trips" and "if the project has the money" and "if I believe that
the travel is good for both you and the project", so don't take this as a
blank check to plan a lot of trips.  But it looks like we can reimburse you
for registration and $300 documented expenses for the Toronto trip, and can
probably do the same for Washington and possibly Utah.

In future, please check with me as early as possible.

-- Scott

    Staff travel is considered on a case by case basis because it rarely
    happens.  We don't follow the faculty or student guidelines.  

    Let's go with this:  If he has a paper accepted - we'll pay the
    travel plus registration.  If he is going professionally - we'll
    pay $300 max travel + registration.