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Second Interim Draft (9.126) available for FTP

Well, this wouldn't have been my choice of a point in time where I would
have wanted to put out a draft for review, but maybe that's par for the course.
Anyway, I've typeset the whole thing as before, and it's available by public
FTP in /cl/document/* on Arisia.Xerox.COM.

 - Reviewer-Notes.text is instructions to reviewers.
 - *.dvi.Z are the compressed .dvi files.
 - issue-index.text is an index of where each issue has its effect, etc.
 - *.tex and index.idx are the tex sources.
 - all-symbols.lisp should be picked up by each implementor even if they're
   not planning to review the main document and checked against the set of
   symbols in their implementation.

The main features of this draft are:

 - All Cleanup issues have been merged.  If something from the cleanups are
   incorrect, misplaced, or missing, it's time to mention it.

 - A couple of `model chapters' are available:  Chapter 12 (Characters)
   and Chapter 15 (Symbols). I've noticed a couple technical errors in 
   each of them, so they're not really final versions by any means,
   but they're within striking distance and I'm curious about feedback
   on format, level of detail, etc.

Note that although a lot of reviewer comments have been processed,
there's still quite a bunch from several reviewers that have not.  If
you're a reviewer who hasn't gotten feedback indicating whether your
comments are fully merged, talk to me before worrying that your comments
have fallen on deaf ears.

For more detailed information, see Reviewer-Notes.text.