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Internal Design Document

I updated the internal design document (notes) to include the two "new"
symbol slots, raw function address and setf function.  I wasn't sure if I
had THE copy of this document, or if Rob had taken some of my porting/new
system documentation and included it in the RCS stuff.

I don't know exactly how these new slots are used and why they exist, so I
didn't explain this.  I think the setf function slot exists only because we
had an extra word after adding the needed raw function address slot to
speed up function calls.  I only added the slots to the pictures of symbol
and nil objects.

If there are other copies of the following stuff, then please let me know
where, and I'll discontinue maintaining my copies:

I also have the guy TeX stuff which I used when documenting the debugging
tools programmers' interface (dtpi).  If the other stuff is saved under
RCS, then these should be stored with the rest of the system, if for no
other reason than this is the only documentation of building debugging