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Gina users' group

I'm on this list, mostly out of idle curiosity.  Perhaps some of the rest
of you want to be.  GINA is a toolkit built on top of CLM by these guys in

-- Scott

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Here is a mail message I got today. 

Subject: new gina-users mailing list

This is the first message to the mailing list "gina-users@gmdzi.gmd.de".
I have inserted your name into the mailing list. Please send
mail to "gina-users-request@gmdzi.gmd.de" if you want me to delete your
address from the list or if you know someone else who is interested in
information about GINA and CLM.

Since the release of GINA 1.0 and CLM 2.0 in the beginning of 1991 a number of 
people had questions and suggestions concerning the portability of and
extensions to the software. The purpose of this mailing list is to provide
a platform where topics and problems can be discussed which might be
of general interest to all GINA and CLM users.

We are planning infos to the following topics:
- - patches necessary to run GINA under Lucid4.0 and Allegro 4.0
- - GINA future and project background
- - problems (and solutions) printing the documentation
- - further demo applications available
- - extensions to the Interface Builder
- - next GINA and CLM versions

You are invited to send:
- - ideas for increasing portability
- - suggestions for further developments
- - extensions which you would like to have included
- - nice demo applications you have developed with GINA and CLM
- - bugs you have found, little enhancements, missing features
- - a short info on what you are implementing
  which features you are using (IB, direct-manipulation-objects, UNDO/REDO)
  (feedback from users might be an argument for our management to reserve
   manpower for further distribution of new releases)

CLM 2.0 and GINA 1.0 are now also ftp'able from gmdzi.gmd.de (
directory pub/gina. In addition to what is on export.lcs.mit.edu, there 
are also patches for Allegro4.0 and Lucid4.0 and the documentation in
RTF format.

Michael Spenke (spenke@gmdzi.gmd.de)
GMD (german National Research Center for Computer Science)
P.O. Box 1240
W-5205 St. Augustin 1

Peter Cousseau

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