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Lisp Users Group Conference

The First International  Lisp User's  and Vendor's  conference has  been
scheduled for October  28-November 1,  in Gaithersburg,  MD, 20  minutes
outside of Washington, D.C.  for the purpose of advancing the use of the
Common Lisp programming language in the marketplace.  This conference is
a chance for  the Lisp  user community  to meet  in conjunction with the
Lisp vendors to  learn about  what we  can offer  each other and discuss
issues of mutual concern.  The primamry focus of this initial conference
will be to enumberate  the issues which  keep Lisp from  being the clear
language of choice, particularly in areas  where it has lost that  role,
and determine how to address those issues.

So far, the following  Lisp vendors have  agreed to participate  at this
years conference:  AIT,  Apple  Computer,  Blackboard  Technology Group,
Chestnut Software, College Park  Software, Franz, Gold  Hill, Harlequin,
Ibuki, Lucid, Symbolics,  Top Level,  and Venue.   Most will  be hosting
sessions where they will be making presentations, giving demonstrations,
answering  questions,  and  receiving  feedback  from  users  of   their

The conference  begins  with  a  two  day  tutorial  program,  with  the
following  tutorials  being  offered  (see  the  program  brochure   and
registration information for full descriptions):

CLtL II (1/2 day, $125)
Closures, Continuations & Coroutines (1/2 day, $125)
Advanced CLOS (1/2 day, $125)
Symbolics Site Management (1/2 day, $125)
Porting to Stock Hardware (1/2 day, $125)
Interfacing to Other Languages (1/2 day, $125)
Interfacing to SQL (1/2 day, $125)
Intro to CLOS I&II (1 day, $250)
Intro to CLIM I&II (1 day, $250)
Intro to Common Lisp I-IV (2 full days, $425)

Prices  shown  are  for  registrations  received  by  September  15th  -
discounts are  available  for  academics  and pre-registration by August

The following three days will be a mix of presentations,  demonstrations
and workshop  discussions.    Technical  presentations  will be given on
topics such as language  standardization, programming environments,  and
performance  issues.     Papers  will  be  presented  by  developers  of
successful Lisp applications (for a copy of the call for papers, contact
Peter Van Sickel <pvs@jazz.al.alcoa.com>).

Conference registration brochures are now available through the above
mentioned Lisp vendors and are currently being distributed to their
mailing lists.

If you'd to attend and don't believe that you'll be receiving a brochure
from one of the vendors mentioned above, send E-mail to Randy Groves
<randy@atc.boeing.com> for a copy.