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Re: Need a ride to LUV-91?

>Sounds good.  I'd really like to meet JonL.  For some reason Scott Fahlman
>believes JonL is invariably totally wrong-headed, but from my interactions
>over CL standardization, JonL seems to be right on target.

JonL has some fairly strong beliefs about Lisp and what it's niche is.
Last time I talked to Fahlman at any length (which was a couple of
years ago on a visit to CMU shortly after IBM gave us the RT's), he
was fairly anti-CL. Is this still the case?

OK, the big question about CMU CL that I've got is when will the SunOS port
be ready? If you need more people outside of CMU beating on it, I'm sure 
we could scare up some support around here.