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clisp&Mach 3.0

while trying to get the lisp up on my 3.0 pmax I stomped into two problems.
The first is entirely ours, we haven't got around implementing map_fd() yet.
The second is a clash in the use of the process address space, which I am
not sure how to go fixing, my best hope would be for you guys to make a
minor adjustment :-))

The problem is we use a small part of the address range right beneath 0x10000000
to place the emulation library [the one that provides bin compat with Unix],
and you guys also want it, thereby your allocation fails.
We currently use the range 0xf800000..0x10000000, for good measure say we
reserve 0xf000000..0x10000000 to cover possible future needs.
Would this be too much of a problem ?
PS: No rush.