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you may have already rec'd this

As it appears that there is not a Lisp/CLOS BOF session scheduled for
OOPSLA '91, I would like to propose a Lisp/CLOS dinner get-together.

What: Lisp/CLOS BOF dinner - social gathering
Where: Pinnacle Peak
When: Evening, Wednesday October 9, 1991

Chris Richardson has volunteered to maintain a sign-up list at the
Franz booth.  This will allow us to know how many people are going,
and also give us time to figure out a meeting place and time once we
get down to Phoenix.  Pinnacle Peak is out of downtown, so we'll have
to car pool. 

I'll be staying at the Hyatt starting Sunday night, so if you have any
questions or suggestions, give me a call.

	Darryn J Kozak			Cray Research Park
	dkozak@cray.com			655F Lone Oak Drive
	(612) 683-5244			Eagan, MN  55121
	FAX (612) 683-5889		USA

PS: If you have cowboy boots, wear'm.  And whatever you do, don't
where a tie!  And by the way, just in case there was any question -
this is BYOD (buy your own dinner).