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new source directories

I've been reorganizing the source directories for CMUCL.  The new
organization should take up less space (because less stuff is duplicated)
and should make more sense (no more telling people to look in machine
specific directories for machine independent sources).  This message should
supply you with enough information so that if you need to find the latest
version of some file, you can.

Everything is in AFS, so if you have access to AFS then you can just use
these pathnames.  If not, you can get at these directories via anonymous
FTP to either lisp-rt1.slisp.cs.cmu.edu or lisp-rt2.slisp.cs.cmu.edu.  If
you use FTP, you can't cd to /afs/cs/project/clisp, but you should be able
to cd to any directory under it.

	This is the main project directory.  Everything is under here.
Even if it really isn't, there will be a symbolic link from here to where
it really is.

	This is a tree holding all the RCS files for everything.

	These are trees that correspond to the sources used to build the
release labeled with the same number.  If we build an additional release
from the same tree, the letter part will just be changed (e.g. 15b vs 15a).

	These are symbolic links to whichever numbered directory we are
currently considering our alpha, beta, or default release.  The alpha tree
will hold the absolute latest version.

	These trees contain symbolic links to the corresponding source tree
for the sources and the fasls for each system.

-William Lott
CMU Common Lisp