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Re: CLtL2 macros

   Date: Wed, 06 Nov 91 16:16:28 EST
   From: Rob_MacLachlan@LISP-PMAX1.SLISP.CS.CMU.EDU

   I have put the stuff we previously got from Guy in:

I'm almost ready with my scribe->latexinfo utility.

I don't have the scribe style files, and I need the answer to a couple
of questions.  

1) 	Is programexample the same as verbatim?

2)	What fonts are you printing the manual with?  If not Computer Modern
or a Postscript font, which of these would you like to use?

3)	What are the text layout parameters that you are using?  What in
LaTeX would be textheight, textwidth, parsep, parindent, parskip and itemsep.

With luck, I'll have an info file for you by the end of the week.  The
LaTeX source will take a little longer, as I have to ccordinate it with
an new release of LaTeXinfo, so that you get some documentation of it
back from me.