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I'm not sure exactly what you were saying in your last mail, but I know the
problem with pop-up displays is that the random typeout window is not
receiving input.  If your description meant to say you have narrowed the
problem down to the times when the pointer is in the random typeout window
instead of some other Hemlock window, then we agree on the problem.  I'm
going to study the code further to determine what is different between
random typeout windows and normal windows.

As for the 0,0 bug, Jake noticed that the change log for R5 mentions
something about :x, :y, :width, and :height being obsolete as wm-hints.  It
says this in the context of talking about the new
:program-specified-position-p and :program-specified-size-p arguments to
XLIB:SET-WM-HINTS.  It was unclear what you were supposed to do instead
then.  Jake was going to try to get me a copy of the ICCCM.

This is really annoying since I'm getting ready to walk now, but I also
realize how you must feel about trying to fix this.  I'll certainly try to
take care of it for you, but I need to get more information at this point.
Hopefully having a current copy of the ice manual will reveal something.
It might even be worth a post to the net describing how the behavior
changed and what our XLIB:SET-WM-HINTS call looks like.