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Re: key events and characters

> Subject: key events and characters
> Date: Thu, 09 Jan 92 00:07:51 EST
> From: Rob_MacLachlan@LISP-PMAX1.SLISP.CS.CMU.EDU
> It occurs to me that the existing CMU key-event code could easily be
> adapted to map to keyword symbols instead to key-event structures.  This
> would preserve the same non-consing characteristics, but would be more
> compatible with your existing code.
>   Rob

Really, how would you do this without consing?  I would think you would
need to concatenate up a string, and then intern it, for things like
:control-meta-a.  Or do you think there are few enough possible
combinations to just keep them all around.

(Given you know its control, meta and a, how do you find the right symbol?)

Brad Myers