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Thomas Bareiss							 16.1.92
Helmut Empl

For Robert MacLachlan  cc: Scott Fahlman  cc: William Lott

Hello Rob,

thank you very much for your quick answer to our compiler problem. We
changed our source file (envanal.lisp), but the problem remained the same.
We received our current sources from you one year ago.
So we think that our bug results from a compiler problem you have solved
in one of the intermediate versions of the python compiler.
Is it possible to put the new version of the compiler source files or -
if you think it makes sense - of the whole system in a directory tree, 
so that we can fetch them?

As you proposed earlier, could you please add us to your mailing list.
We would prefer you putting our second address "kcl@ztivax.siemens.com"
on your list.

Thanks for your efforts

-Thomas & Helmut