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CMU CL 15c on Sun 4/390S SunOS 4.1.1


I snarfed the binaries for 15c this morning, but am unable to run them: I get
the following error:

newton(cmu) 316 % bin/lisp
mapin: mmap: Invalid argument
ensure_space: Failed to validate 67108864 bytes at 0x01000000

The documentation indicates that it requires a minimum of 8 megs to run, we
have considerably more than that.  Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for your time,

                 \        Systems Programmer --- EMBA Computer Facilty
Thomas Emerson    \      University of Vermont, Burlington VT 05405 USA
 tree@uvm.edu     /\        "Magic is real, unless declared integer"
                 /  \            (in-package "std-disclaimer")