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Mark Kantrowitz sent me the following.  I'd like Blaine to pick this up,
torture it a bit, and if it's not obviously busted, stick it in the
Lisp library.  Some of us might even want to use this, given the number of
different systems being built.

-- Scott

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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 90 19:23:51 EST
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Subject: defsystem
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I recently updated my defsystem macro to have a lot more features and
to be Common Lisp portable. [I started writing it for work I was
doing at MIT before I came here, and updated it for use in the OZ

It does a topological sort of the DAG, uses nice defaults, and gives
the user lots of options on what gets compiled/loaded.

I've used it in CMU Common Lisp, Allegro CL (PMAX and vax), and 
Allegro/Coral CL (Macintosh). It's at least as powerful as the System 
Construction Tool on Symbolics Lispm's.

My advisor suggested I send you mail about it in case you would be 
interested in including it with CMU Common Lisp.

If you're interested, source is in /afs/cs/user/mkant/Defsystem/defsystem.lisp
and some notes on how to use it in 

A couple of people in the MIT AI Lab and Lincoln Laboratory are using
it. A good example of a real system that uses it is in

- --mark

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