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Re: *print-lines* etc during apropos printout

Rick Busdiecker <rfb+@CS.CMU.edu> writes:
> I'll take this opportunity to plug my version of APROPOS, inspired by
> the TICL version.  At the end of this message, the doc-string for
> APROPOS followed by the list of ``short cut'' functions that are
> defined by /usr/rfb/lisp/apropos.lisp on h.gp.cs.cmu.edu.

I tried it and it's *way* slower than the native apropos, and seems to cons a
whole bunch.  It also kept dying 'cause it expected functions' argument-lists
to always be strings, and they're apparently sometimes nil (but this is
obviously easy to fix).

[This is compiled; I used CMUCL version 15d]


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