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Re: Random

I didn't know we were going over to LaTeXinfo.  Who is doing that work?

My .emacs file is in /afs/transarc.com/public/chiles/elisp/dot-emacs.

Way cool on the paper acceptance.  Good luck on the next one.  Have you made
any committments about grad school yet?  What's the word on funding, or will
there be no word until this fall?

Yeah, Walms can barely contain the baby thing.  We were going for January,
as I was telling you at dinner, but she wants to make sure her stock option
fully vests before trying to go part time.  She might also get to be a full
manager this year, and if that goes through, she might want to ride that out
for one year before giving up her power here.  Who knows, as long as she's
refraining, I'm not complaining.

Yup again, there's no time for fucking up, but wait ... things are
already fucking up :-).

We use serif fonts for text, but we use sans-serif for titles, sections,
etc.  Someone read a paper somewhere once that said serifs reduced eye
strain for continuous reading, but sans-serif let the eye scan for keywords
more readily.  Seems like something very hard to test without literally
thousands of subjects, but we seem to adhere to these results by putting
sections in sans-serifs.  BUT hey, they're already bold and bigger than the
rest of the text.  I don't know if this was a hard decision or coincidence,
but I think it is funny.