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Re: Current Lossage (FUCK YOU)

   It makes plenty of sence, and I would have though that you should have
   been able to figure it out on your own.  Therefore, either you gave up
   without trying or you don't understand something I was assuming you did.
   I'm going to give you the benifit of the doubt and assume the latter.
   So here is an explination:

It's pretty clear to me that you are successfully trying to be a major
asshole, and I would have thought that you should have been able to figure
this out on your own.  Therefore, either you are striving to create the
worse possible co-worker relationships at CMU or you don't understand
something I was assuming you did.  I'm going to give you the benefit of the
doubt and assume the latter, so here is an explanation.

William, I don't understand a single fucking thing about VOP's, storage
classes, primitive types, call sequences, assembler routines, fixups, etc.
Not only has everything I've done been cosmetic transformations, it's like
pulling teeth to get you to explain anything, let alone make any
appointment you ever make.  I asked you to call, but you sent mail which I
didn't get for hours later; I assume you couldn't make the call.  Even in
your mail in which you attempt to make me feel more stupid than I already
thought possible, you propose to explain something, but you don't.  In
addition to making fun of me and echoing in your mail the English sentences
output by the compiler, you don't explain anything about the way VOP's,
arguments, or results work.  All you do is what you almost always do, you
simply supply me with the fix: replace XXX with YYY right here.  Of course,
you don't always do this, sometimes you just write the code or make the fix
and tell me I don't really need to understand what you've done.

You might wonder why I don't understand anything or seem to exhibit a total
lack of concern about this port.  Imagine how I feel when every single time
we agree to meet to work on it, you are either two hours late or don't show
up at all.  I don't feel I'm exaggerating at all, but I will admit that
once or twice you did do exactly what you said you would do.  Then on top
of that, it is incredably hard to reach you.  I feel like every day since
November, I come in, find an insurmountable problem, and then I wait the
rest of the day for one or two sentences from you, usually after I've
called you or had to pester you for help.  Well, great, now the day is
over, and I can wait until the next and try to remember that little
sentence or two.  That way I get to work an hour or two the next and then
wait five hours to get a reply from you.

I'm about to bust.  I can't feel any connection to this port at all.  I
don't feel any of it is really my work at all.  I feel like my job spec is
to keep track of Rob and William's efforts on the RT, and to spend four
hours a day trying to get them to come in to work on it and four hours a
day finding the next trouble spot for them to work on.  Gee, what a
wonderful work life I enjoy.  Then I get this shitty mail from one of you
telling me my job as secretary seems to be even more stupid than I ever
thought it could be.

Well, I appreciate your latest help, and I'll get right on it.  I hope I
don't have to disturb your work tomorrow with anything so simple and
mundane because the harder the bug that confuses me the better I feel about
realizing I don't know anything about this port.