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The distribution is ready.

The cmu files are in ftp.ensmp.fr:/tmp/cmu-user.tar.Z

There is still some work to do at your end, but I'm sure you'll
be happy with the results.  I'd suggest trying the Hemlock conversion
first, so you can get a feel for the regexps in s2latexinfo.el before
you start editing the .tex file.  It makes it easy to implement
global style and look and feel changes.

Sorry, I didn't get the indexing of functions and variables to lower
case in TeX.  If you figure that one our, please let me know.
I think the GLS macros have a cleaner way of indexing than mine
(from latex.tex).  They may be a good replacement.

Good luck with the Hemlock conversion.


PS: Have you started a CMU Lisp mailing list yet? I think it would
be better than comp.lang.lisp.

Mike Clarkson					mike@apl.ists.ca
C.R.E.S.S.					      - or -
York University, North York, Ontario,		mike@cmm.ensmp.fr
CANADA M3J 1P3					+33-1-64 69 47 75