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Your paper


Took another scan on the paper, slightly more thorough than the last,
though still not a careful reading.  A couple of things:

1. I still don't see any quantitative info on compile-time compared to
other lisps.  This seems important, since you tantalize the reader by
saying that it is slow and since the list of compiler passes seems to go on

2. Please be sure you include Maggie's DARPA blurb verbatim.  Don't try to
use common sense to decide just how much needs to go in.

3. Presumably you want to identify yourself with more than just you name.
Something like "School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University" and
an e-mail address is typical for most conference papers.

4. It might be a nice gesture to acknowledge the other project members for
their contributions.  Without the rest of the system, Python wouldn't have
been possible (or at least not very useful).  A little recognition goes a
long way, and costs nothing.

-- Scott