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Re: OpenWindows & magic-cookie

>>>>> On Thu, 26 Mar 92 12:39:05 EST, John_Kolojejchick@h.gp.cs.cmu.edu said:

John> To me, this says that the problem is that CLX is not supporting
John> magic-cookie authentication and therefore not able to connect to
John> the server for the same reason that the X11R3 programs can't.
John> It may be the case that Simon's patch will cause CMUCL to work
John> with OpenWindows.

This is a correct assessment.  Simon's patch works for TCP/IP sockets,
but I could not get it to work for UNIX domain sockets.  

In any case, I have developed a different solution which does not
require reimplementing each and every authentication protocol in lisp.
I will try to distributed the changes in the next month or too.

My solution is ugly though, because it uses foreign code.  However, it
is winning because it leverages off of the C code in Xlib and Xau (the
C authentication library).  Hence, it can support any authentication
(and, for a different reason, any file descriptor based transport
mechanism) the C weenies dream up.  (If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.)

John> 							-jake

-- Chris.